Wednesday, May 27, 2009

chicken coop!

We have invited Genevieve from Montreal to create the chicken coop for the waterpod. She has proposed a favela. Aside from the fact that chickens like to "bunk" together, her urban mock of a home, is exciting.
We have selected materials for her to use and the challenge becomes, can you build a chicken coop with what materials we have foraged on site? The crate being the best structure, with little labor.

let's see what she comes up with.

the crew

soil on site

With a generous donation of soil from the parks department, we are beginning our on site garden. Mary brought her plants first. We are all impressed! Mary's tomatoes are TOUGH she said. They could withstand 3 days of no watering and then lots of love. Sometime half of the battle, is plants learning how to live like you do, on your cycle, on your rhythm. The soil on the other hand is 100% compost, which is amazing and we found out after the first rain storm, that the compost helps to absorb water. Drainage however is a challenge, and we are looking at supplementing the soil with a mineral base.

Friday, May 22, 2009

temporary living systems

Just because the barge doesn't have anyone living on it yet, doesn't mean we don't have to start worksite living system.
One bucket is sawdust the other compost and some fruit albeit pesticided covered grapes, taught us the hard way that we can't wait to be eating our own home grown food!

on site!

Getting dirty, using our hands as tools of the earth to move large amounts of materials to change space, and enjoying the vision of sunsets on the cranes that will lift soil for us...come out and PLAY!

plants in places all over the city!

garden fence

The best part of working on a barge is the air, the sun, the cool breeze and getting to feel tough about working with metal. The garden railings are going up slowly but surely and sloping with the arcs of this salvaged stage that we are reinventing. Inside these sloped areas will be mountains of sloping soil.

Our welds are beautiful, strong and torched into place alongside some soft beaming sun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growing with the ladies

A little help from our friends

Ed Russel's tags speaks for itself...but what you wont know that is that he is a master grower! Strawberries and all.
Wait to see.

seedlings in May

seedlings in May