Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GARDEN TEAM updates!!

The Living Systems has taken off!

the beautiful rhode island red chickens found a wonderful home in rural NY

TRUCK FARM a Wicked Delicate Film Production is touring the USA.

Carissa Carman began the Color Collective to grow natural dyes in rural Quebec and is headed to Cuba for this upcoming Havana Biennal to create site specific work.

Meg Glasser is working for Food Forward in Los Angeles!

Logan Smith and Carissa Carman presented the Waterpod FOOD / LIVING SYSTEMS with support from SLOW FOOD NYC at Terra Madre Conference in Torino Italy as part of the Youth Food Movement in 2010!

Mary Mattingly is working on FLOCK HOUSE!

Alison Ward the magician chef has started HABITABLE SPACES! in Texas