Friday, February 20, 2009

MCU Mobile Chicken Unit

Just when you thought it was getting just got better. The living systems team is creating a Mobile Chicken Unit, which is an interpretation of a chicken tractor. The benefits are endless. The uncompostable food waste from the team of artists living aboard will be devoured with delight by the 3-5 chickens that are selected to love afloat the barge.

Consideration are being designed to make sure that the wind is carefully considered in the structure of their home. With the shape of the garden taking the form of mounds, the MCU will become inventive in shape. Yet to be designed.

Suggestions have been made to search out hardy heritage breeds which include Barred Rocks or Rhode Island Red. Although the appeal of having Arcana chickens is exciting as their eggs have greenish-blue shells and contain a higher amount of protein and less cholesterol.

We will have to allocate two or three beds to supplement their diet with buckwheat and oats which grow up to 3-5" in height and should provide them with the proper nutrients to lay delicious eggs.

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  1. Carissa,

    We have a similar chicken tractor at the GRUB Cooperative. Our coop is 5X10 and sits on two wagon wheels that allows us to drag it around the farm. The chickens sleep inside

    The coop sits inside a 40'X40' electrified with two sheep. Chickens and sheep get along well and support each other. The sheep eat the taller grass and weeds (starthistle!), allowing the chickens to come in and eat the smaller shoots and dig for bugs.

    We move the chickens about once a week. After they leave, the land is ready for planting.

    Much love,