Saturday, March 7, 2009

7 days after sowing

The Calendula, Arugula and Onions have started to show themselves just 7 days after sowing. I have placed the started seeds in the window sills and in spaces receiving sunlight but away from the windows. The plants that have started to sprout are not in the window sill, so I'm wondering if its still too cold near the window for the seeds to germinate. The length of time to germination varies with plants so they could just need more time.

The 6 packs and oatmeal containers are holding up fine for now. The toilet paper roll, on the other hand, is starting to feel pretty soft. They have all held their moisture pretty well, so I've only watered twice since planting them.

I'm collecting more waxed 1/2 gallon milk containers for my next seed starting day. They can be used for individual plants by cutting in half when vertical, or can be turned on their side and used for lettuce/greens starting beds.

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