Friday, March 6, 2009

sowing wildly

With a crew of us planters, visionaries and artists who are passionate about edible creations..we would like to share with you an update of the garden planning:

This is the list of goods that we have planned into our garden plan:

These are the list of seeds from my archived collection

giant grey stripe sunflowers
deep orange safflower
supermane sunflower
torch sunflower
fuji dawn
Hollyhock seeds
mini loofah
african Marigolds
deep purple hollyhocks
yellow hollyhocks
Tall amaranth
Pink Hollyhock
Tomato Heirloom Mix
Yellow Bell Pepper
tennis ball lettuce
Forellesnschluss lettuce
arugula Heirloom
Loiusianna Green Velvet Okra
afphan sesame
arugula roquette heirloom
red rocoto pepper
Super Red HYB Cabbage
pan de zucchero chicory
rat tails podding radish
Weeks NC Giant Watermelon
Weeks NC Giant cantaloupe

Seeds just recently bought at BBG and whose care they are now in:

Flying Saucer Morning Glory


Red Onion

Yellow Onion


One meal Cucumber

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