Wednesday, March 25, 2009

external greenhouse

The greenhouse I used to work out had a black shade cloth that we would use every summer, to prevent the greenhouse with exploding from direct sun and high humidity. we also had fans and I would spray the floor so it would feel like a jungle and satiate the plants with moisture.
With simple systems, we are evolving into a natural shade cloth, which will be vining plants that will quickly grow and wrap up along the outside of the sphere. The sphere is now however a half dome and may be easier to design a system to install plants in, instead of this fabric soil hanging container. Still the concept is the same. Create trellising string that will rise 1-3" from the infrastructure poles and lace string so the trellising plants have somewhere to go.
the plants must be SUN- LOVING! with suggestions for grapes, morning glory, peas........other perrenials, which is not a priority. Annuals should do fine, but having it edible would be quite a feat pending it is not too high, or a ladder will be in order.

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