Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seed Starting Containers

Today I began gathering containers for the Seed Starting Kits and quickly found myself rummaging through the neighbor's recycling bin. I found oatmeal containers, milk jugs, toilet paper rolls, various plastic dairy containers, and my personal favorite - 6 pack carriers.

I brought them in, washed them out, cut many in half, poked holes and filled with store bought compost. The 6 packs only needed a small modification. I decided to use those for the greens and lettuces, and simply cut out the dividers on each half and created two small rows.

I like the 6 packs because they are portable, already divided into smaller compartments and easy to find. I'm curious to see how well they will hold up with all the watering. I plan to use a variety of containers in the Seed Starting Kits.

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